The Ringerike region consisting of Hole, Ringerike and Jevnaker municipalities. The region is in very close proximity to Oslo and is witnessing rapid developments. And the local municipal authorities as well as the industry are working in close cooperation to keep pace with a further surge in growth.


The Ringerike municipality is in itself planning investments of close to 1.6 billion kroners over the next four years to facilitate growth. This applies to investments in new school buildings, kindergartens, water and drainage, healthcare and modernization. The administrative centre for Ringerike municipality is Hønefoss, which retains charming and traditional town structure. And going forward, Hønefoss is going to be the epicentre of the development in the region, which is why there is a strong focus on further development of the town.

The Buskerud county is also making huge investments in the region and in 2015, it contributed towards the construction of a new building for the local high school (Hønefoss Videregående Skole). The rector of the high school Olav Bråten, on his part wants to ensure that the school cooperates with industry by educating the future workforce with the right set of skills.

And the training of a skilled local workforce is not just being undertaken at the school level. University College of Southeast Norway (Høgskolen i Sørøst-Norge - HSN) in Hønefoss enrolls close to 1000 full-time students and offers a wide range of study options at various levels. 

Ringerike has a cultural heritage to be proud of and even today, a wide range of cultural and recreational events are organized throughout the year – both for the youngsters and adults.

There is a lot of industrial activity that is taking place in the Ringerike region, and both the industry itself as well as organisations such as the local association of industries (Ringerike Næringsforening), Ringerike Development (Ringerike Utvkling) and Innovationsløft Ringerike are working towards creating synergies between professionals and those involved in developmental activities.

The two projects, namely E16 Sandvika - Hønefoss and Ringerike Line, are now the Government's top priority when it comes to the transport sector. Once completed, the former project aims to reduce the travel time by road between Oslo and Hønefoss to 50 minutes. The Ringerike Line is Norway's fourth intercity route. Upon completion in 2024, the travel time between Hønefoss Station and Oslo Central will be reduced to 28 min (currently 95 minutes).

When work on the Ringerike Railway Line is completed in 2024, the travel time between Hønefoss Station and Oslo central station will be reduced to 28 min (currently 95 minutes). And this is almost as long as it takes to reach central Oslo from places like Asker, Holmenkollen, Nordstrand and Stovner (Outskirts of Oslo).

With its focus on encouraging settlements in the midst of natural surroundings, the Ringerike region is ideally-suited for both families as well as businesses. Welcome! 

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(Foto: Terje Lien)