Eggemoen Aviation & Technology Park is the only one of its kind in the country – offering exciting opportunities for industrial development.

Spread over a total area of 230 hectares, the industrial park employs about 350 employees, with a high technical competence, both at a national and an international level. Our premises at Eggemoen are home to a diverse and innovative business community – ranging from small to large-scale establishments, including the Norwegian, British and US military.

With its own airport catering to businesses – no commercial activity and with few restrictions in the airspace - Eggemoen offers competitive advantages that only a few others can match. Direct access to the European Route E16 ensures good road connectivity, especially for those who are not dependent on air transport. In addition, the railway line Randsfjordbanen has its endpoint at our industrial estate, offering the possibility for future access by train. We believe that excellent transport connectivity is a prerequisite for competitiveness in the future.

Being at Eggemoen provides proximity to business associates and collaboration partners in an established infrastructure environment.

Eggemoen is a forward-looking establishment, and we have invested a lot of time and resources in creating a conducive environment for development. And the long-term investments are now yielding results. The industrial park is experiencing a steady growth rate with existing businesses flourishing as well as several exciting new ones being set up. Many of the companies at our premises are now witnessing extensive developments and an increasing number of people want to be a part of one of Norway’s most exciting high-tech environments. We envision the industrial park to be able to eventually employ several thousand workers.

The development at Eggemoen Aviation and Technology Park has further strengthened the technology axis of “Kongsberg (Kongsberg Industrial Park)- Eggemoen – Raufoss (Raufoss Industrial Park) and Gjøvik”. We have also contributed to an increased synergy between both commercial and educational environments. Eggemoen Aviation & Technology Park is one of the most important economic development projects in Buskerud (County) and is of great importance nationally.