Eggemoen Airport (ENEG) offers a range of different services such as fueling, workshop, parking and maintenance in winters.



Exhaust Gas 100LL 
Jet A1                          

The fueling facility for Jet A1 is open 24 hours a day. At the automated fueling facility, the customers maintain a record of the volume of fuel that they have taken and the invoices are sent to them.

The facility for Exhaust Gas  100LL is offered within the opening hours of Air Service Eggemoen unless otherwise agreed.

For those who need any further assistance, contact tel. +47 900 32 102.

maintenance workshop

Air Service Eggemoen
Flyplassveien 25
3514 Hønefoss
tlf. +47 415 83 708


The visitor’s aircraft are parked at the designated area for guest parking. Parking for the first night is included in the landing fee and the charges for any additional parking are NOK 100- per night.

winter operations

There is no activity on the runway when it is covered with snow as it can take a while before the snow is cleared after a heavy snowfall.